Who is Nuno Gomes?

Nuno Gomes was born in Lisbon, he now lives in New York. Growing up on the Portuguese coast he practically lived in the sea and learned to swim and spearfish in the temperamental Portuguese Atlantic. His father relocated his family to South Africa when Nuno was 14 years old. They settled in Pretoria / Johannesburg area, landlocked. Cave diving was a natural progression. Nuno joined and pioneered many cave dive expeditions. He dived in all the known water filled caves in Southern Africa. On the 23rd of August 1996 the Deepest Cave Dive was carried out by Nuno Gomes, when he dived to a depth of 282.6 m / 927 ft, at Bushmansgat in the Northern Cape, South Africa. This water filled cave dive, at an altitude of 1550 m / 5086 ft above sea level, required a decompression schedule for a dive equivalent to a depth of 337 m / 1106 ft at sea level. Nuno was subsequently also awarded a Guinness World Record for Deepest Sea Dive. Along with his team Nuno achieved a record dive to a corrected (with rope stretch) depth of 321.81 m / 1056 ft, in the Red Sea (Dahab), in June 2005.