By Nuno Gomes

By Nuno Gomes
It all started with an email from Thomas Behrend from Blue Planet Film in Germany...(more)

By Nuno Gomes
When I speak to any novice diver and ask, “Did you get narced on that 50m air dive?” The answer is ...(more)

By Elena Konstantinou
You’ve got to want to do it. You’ve got to really want to do it and I think I got into deep diving because of the wrecks ...(more)

Tracey passed away in February 2006 from cardiac arrest, in a non diving accident ...(more)

Clinging the shotline at 120m, in darkness, I anxiously peer into the black abyss for Nuno to return from a world record SCUBA ...(more)

The higher the altitude above sea level, the deeper is the relative exposure...(more)

Diving history has been made in Lago Maggiore, Northern Italy, on 10th May 2008 by three divers, Pim van der Horst, Mario Marconi and Alessandro Scuotto...(more)

By Elena Konstantinou
In addition, the divers who have agreed to participate in the research are not just regular scuba divers, but technical divers ...(more)


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