In October 2000 a reflecting eye led Pieter Venter to investigate. "I was surprised to see three weird, freaky looking motionless fish hovering under an overhang at 106m, which I believed to be ... (more)
I have always been interested in scuba diving and in cave diving, but because of high rate of accidents I have become cautious. Because I was following all events in the field of diving that is why I have heard of Nuno Gomes earlier. His unbelievable performance of ... (more)
Bushmansgat surrenders yet another record in the cave diving category, this time for Poland. Nuno and Leszek dived to 194 metres (232 metres - altitude corrected) to break the previous Polish cave diving record of 181 metres. ... (more)
The wake up call came at 05h00 on 23 July 2004. It is time to get up. I have slept well. The team assembled in front of the Planet Divers’ compressor room at 05h30. Today is the day ... (more)
There are few contrasts as stark as Egypt’s Sinai peninsular. Scorched brown mountains devoid of life, provide a backdrop to achingly blue water teeming with ... (more)
Leszek Czarnecki and Krzysztof Starnawski explored the flooded corridors of cave systems (so-called cenotes) in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Among the karst sink holes (used by local inhabitants as source of drinking water) spreads a network of corridors ... (more)
The south of Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula. Beneath the rainforest-clad ground, stretches a huge system of water-filled caves, called cenotes. Two Polish divers, Leszek Czarnecki and Krzysztow Starnawski ... (more)
By Shareen Anderson
In September 2006, the largest gathering of technical divers took place in Italy. Over 100 world-class technical divers made a simultaneous dive into the ... (more)
By Nuno Gomes
New World Record for the longest penetration in cave diving, 9 October 2009... (more)