THE TEAM: (top row left to right) Leszek, Nuno, Lenné, Gareth, Pieter and Joseph.
(bottom row left to right) Withold, Hermie, Craig and Theo.

Bushmansgat surrenders yet another record in the cave diving category, this time for Poland. Nuno and Leszek dived to 194 metres (232 metres - altitude corrected) to break the previous Polish cave diving record of 181 metres.

Both Nuno and Leszek surfaced without incident or ill effects. This was attributed to excellent back up by the team and the excellent support from the sponsors. The record dive was preceeded by 9 days of acclimatization dives at Bushmansgat.

Preparing for a dive at bushmansgat

Leszek amoungst Helium, oxygen and the Bauer Compressor

Withold at the base camp

Theo, Nuno and Craig before unloading oxygen cylinders and the Bauer compressor

A section through Bushmansgat.
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Joseph removing weed from the water's surface

Dr Hermie Britz tests the portable chamber

Leszek and Nuno pose for the photo next to Casio and Eques banners

Craig and Hermie surface following a support dive at Bushmansgat

The Zorro team - Gareth and Withold

Pieter surfaces following an 80metre exploratory dive

Lenné decompresses with the cave in the background

Nuno monitors the time using his Casio DEP 610

Nuno prepares to enter the water before the 194 metre dive

Leszek and Nuno just before the decent

Leszek and Nuno decompress following the 194 metre dive

The computer 194 metres (634 feet)

Nuno decompressing

Leszek decompressing

Nuno ready to go down on an exploratory dive

Nuno surfaces fron his dive with Leszek to 194 meters

Nuno and Lezsek at the surface after 5 hours with Craig in the background

Leszek and Nuno prepare to get out following a dive to 117 meters

The oxygen and helium analyser.